Your Passions Are Not a Waste of Your Time

Do you feel like you are good at multiple things? Is your ability to learn math as good as your ability to learn music? Are you an engineering student who won a creative writing competition? Are you an arts student with great interest in biology? Then you are unique, and there is nothing wrong with you.

Growing up, we realise that we lose track of our hobbies and concentrate the most part of our day on studies. Even as we study each study really hard, by the time we finish school, some of us only have one or two favorite subjects and hardly any hobbies. But if this is not true for you, and you have enjoyed most of your studies and have retained old hobbies or learnt new ones, you are a multipotentialite (according to Emilie Wapson- artist, writer and influencer).

Emilie, in her Ted talk, explained 3 strengths of people with huge potential in multiple areas of varied subjects. They are, idea synthesis, rapid learning and adaptability.

Idea synthesis is the ability to combine one’s knowledge in two or more fields and develop something creative. These people learn quicker than others, because they are capable of thinking from a beginner’s point of view quite easily, thanks to their interest in many things. She claims that people like this have the most important skill that’s needed in the 21st century generation- adaptability, due to their flexible nature that they develop because their skills become transferable in nature.

So, being good at disciplines other than what your society expects you to, is not a bad thing. If you ever feel let down by the thought that you are just a jack of all trades, remember that you multi- skilled and you have lots of potential to become adept at whatever you want to pursue.