Why Should We Hire You?

Everybody is afraid of this question. The thing we all know is that by the time the interviewer asks this question, they have probably decided whether we are in or out. But the thing that you don’t know, is that the answer you give to this question has the capacity to turn the tables in your favour and gain the interest of the interviewer.

So, let’s take a look at how a perfect answer for the question “Why should we hire you?” can be framed.

  • Sell Your Skill List: You may have multiple reasons for wanting a job, but your employer only needs one- whether or not you have the required skills for the job. So, give them what they need. Before attending the interview, once again go through the job description, and ultimately when the question arises, tell them confidently that you feel you are a perfect fit for the job because you have all the skills you require for the job.
  • Prove What You Say: Anybody can claim that they have the skills or that they can do what is asked of them to. But in order to gain the employer’s trust, you need to offer your prior experience as evidence that what you are speaking about yourself is indeed, true. Providing your portfolio or even narrating an experience is a way of displaying your communication skills and other soft skills that the interviewer might have been looking for.
  • Remain Modest: Finally, your confidence in your abilities must be coupled with the honesty in your presentation. Carry your pride, but don’t be arrogant. Be humble but also be certain about your words and promises. They need to choose you over many other people who probably have similar skills, but your attitude shall set you apart and above par.

Bonus Tip: At the beginning and at the end of the interview, a firm handshake goes a long way. It is an indicator of a person who is sure of oneself and also that he treats the other person as his equal. This is a highly appreciated gesture and makes you more sought after and approachable!