What Worries An Employee At The Work Place?

We all know that not all private jobs are secured jobs, as there will be lots of pressure from the bosses in the form of targets, tasks completion, sales, marketing and other daily, weekly and monthly pressures for an employee. There are some jobs where we’ll come across different types of tensions, issues which really worries an employee at the workplace. Today let’s see what are they, please scroll below.

Top 12 Worries Of An Employee At The Work-Place

  1. Workplace Politics: In every company there will some gang or group, who would want to gossip about others all the time, so few people really struggle to keep up with such politics.
  2. Work-life balance: Maintaining the perfect work-life balance along with the perfect personal life is a hard thing to many. Most people get into depression by not able to manage the work-life balance due to their carrying forward habit of the office work home and homework to office and juggling between both, missing family, friends and other entertainments.  Therefore, it is always good to have 2-job free weekends (2 days)/40-hour work week like in the US.
  3. Ineffective Team Work: Many people talk much with enthusiasm about teamwork, but actually it is very tough to keep up with all the team members those doesn’t co-operate. Managing a workload with them is like a hell and it is an everyday struggle for them, as many factors are involved in solving this.
  4. Crooked Managers: There are certain managers, who are irritating and nagging type, who doesn’t know how to get the work done, but shouts on employees all the time, without describing and assigning the job properly to them and wants them to work all time, no matter how he does it and if it works or not. We just want to listen to him but he doesn’t listen to us.
  5. Salary Hike/Appraisals: This is one more workplace problem, where the companies want to meet all their targets, work on weekends and extra hours, but they don’t want to give the much-needed hikes or appraisals to its employees. This is one of the major concerns why most of the employees switch companies.
  6. Lack of Passion: This is one more problem; there are people who join some jobs out of chance and out of choice, the way we perform things that we like is different to that of performing things that we don’t like. We’ll don’t feel all these fatigues and other stuff if we have passion for our work, if that is not there, we are prone to waste our time and come up with million other excuses.
  7. Equal Pay: This is a gender issue, where men are paid more to that of ladies in several companies for varieties of reasons. The failure in adapting equality here is a major concern to many.
  8. Working Over Time: This is a big problem for many to answer emails and work in non-office hours, this sometimes irritates employees to quit the job or commit mistakes.
  9. Leave Policies: Like there is no equality in the equal pay for both the genders, there is also some sort of discrimination in the corporate leave policy to the male gender, this is one more popular concern to the newly married people.
  10. Monday blues & Saturday Feelings: This is a major problem for most of the technical guys, who hate to work on Saturdays and come back to work mood on the Mondays. They actually work 4 days a week with full focus, rest all are fun days for them.
  11. No Food Provision: This is generally a major problem, where the differences occur among colleagues as different people have to arrange food in different ways, some eat well, some not, etc, etc but all have to work with the same enthu.
  12. Improper Health Insurance: Though many companies offer various health cards and health services based on their salary slot, yet it has various hidden terms and conditions that irritate the needy, so, it is always a mandatory thing to have a proper health scheme for its employees without too many hidden charges and conditions.

So, these are some of the most common worries of an employee at the workplace apart from their financial wellbeing and job promotions, hope you’ll check all the above before joining a company that is offering you the job opportunity.

  • Hemachandra Prasad