6 Things What A Recruiter Look For In Your Resume

Though you designed your resume in a grand manner with great grand things filled all over, there are certain key areas that a recruiter will keenly look for…had those areas didn’t please him…your resume will be rejected without any hesitation, let see what they are…

1.Your Education

Put all your educational details before your work experience, mention all the details such as your course, institution, date of your course, university (if applicable), specializations and marks obtained very clearly.

2.Your Internships & Relative Experience

Most of the companies though they say, they are hiring freshers, still, they see your past experience or subject knowledge in the relative industry or service. So, it is always important for you to mention your one/two years internships and relative experience in your resume.

Mention some relative knowledge you hold (some course) or skills that you possess to the role you are applying for.

3.Gaps In Your Employment / Education

Some MNC’s are very particular about the gaps in your education/ previous employment. They need a valid reason for your career breaks. If the candidates don’t have solid reasons for gaps, they are rejected outrightly without any concern.

4.Your Location Preferences

Most of the time the candidate will be of different location and the recruiters will be in a different place. The recruiters give preferences to the people who are ready to relocate or see if the candidate will stick to the company for long with the given location preference.

5.Your overall English & Its Errors

At least make your resume error-free, if your recruiter found any spelling, grammatical & language errors, they’ll immediately reject your resume. The recruiters think that you are not careful even about mistakes in your resume and how to trust you in the work place?

So, always proofread your resume as many times as possible either with your family members/ friends or by yourself.

6.Your Resume Format

Definitely, your resume design or format will impress a few recruiters. So, make sure your resume looks neat & professional. Design your resume after referring to some professional templates online where every detail is well-arranged pointwise without any confusion.

In addition to the above, they’ll also look for your aims and objectives, your career plans, your salary expectation, family financial status, and other things and these things generally happen in the face to face rounds. So, make sure first your resume pleases him to these rounds with the above key areas and come successful in your interviews.

By E. Hemachandra Prasad