What It Means to be a Freelancer

You’ll come across the word ‘freelancer’ when you enter college and only increasingly hear it from there. If you are not already familiar with the concept of freelancing, let us introduce you to the world of professional ‘for- hire’ occupations. Similar to renting furniture, subscribing to services etc., freelancers are talented people in any subject, who are ready to be hired by a company that requires those services.

A freelancer is an independent worker who does not have any further ties with the company other than delivering the work that he/ he has been hired to do. If you are a person with some skills that can range from writing to coding to graphic designing etc., you can put yourself in the market to be readily available to be hired by people/ companies that need your skills for a certain period of time or for an individual project. Once you are hired, you are free to do your work on your own terms, regarding where you want to work, and how you want to do your work. In essence, you have the freedom to do your job without much interference from the company and the people that hired you.

A freelancer is valued for their skill and the trend to hire freelancers has been positively increasing over the past 10 years around the globe. A freelancer need not necessarily hold a degree in the skill they claim to be proficient. However, a portfolio as a proof is enough guarantee to provide to the employers. With skills and a solid resume, anyone can choose to be a freelancer instead working as an employee in a company, with the perks of autonomy and it is also one of the best ways to understand how a job works if you are planning to work for the first time!