What Is A Team Work?

Teamwork is a very common word and becoming more and more important and prominent today for any organization to accomplish their goals.  Teamwork is not just a word limited to corporate companies, but it plays a major role in all sorts of group efforts such as business organizations, banks, military troops, sports teams, school projects, doctors operating in a team, political parties and even between family members.

So, What Is A Team Work?

Teamwork is nothing but a combined effort/action by a group towards a common goal for an effective result. Here all the individuals in a team are interdependent communicating & sharing their skills, emotions, and tasks for a common goal.

So, in a team, everyone has to have a good understanding of their roles & responsibilities, resources, skills, communications, limitations, punctuality, sincerity and carrying the same self-motivation for the set target.

They’ll have to behave appropriately with each other during these times in collaboration between employees of any capacity & order. Without which it will lead to conflict and unhealthy chemistry.

Each team member is accountable for his/her own actions, as it will eventually reflect on their team results.

Top Four Problems In A Team Work

Inequality in work

Inequality in the distribution of the work/accomplished tasks that are shared between team members will result in unhealthy chemistry between the team members making them jealous or lazy to continue their duties.

Behavior conflicts

In a hierarchical environment, the higher official has an equal responsibility to respect his sub-ordinate otherwise it will lead to a bad environment.

Few Tasks Don’t Need A-Team

As the saying goes ‘too many cooks spoil the meal’ certain tasks are well executed when handled alone, doing it by a group in the name of teamwork will actually spoil the task.


Not all will be on the same page, with same team spirit. Few just works for money and will pretend to be serious about the project but actually they act out of their situation as if they are focused which will weaken the team effort.

How To Build An Effective Team?

Plan Together

Teamwork starts with sharing plans and strategies, so buy everyone’s idea to collaborate and strategize the work plan, which will make everyone understand, be responsible and focused.

Allow Decision Making At Micro Levels

Don’t try to empower/overpower each & everyone till the last employee. Instead, make the lowest level employees act with their highest capacity and make them feel more responsible & important to the project.

Let Everyone See What You Have Accomplished

Put up all your accomplishments in a shared folder on a daily basis, such that everyone witnesses your hard work and motivates them to compete you.

Celebrate Together

Recognize team members achievements and outstanding performance with kind words and if possible, with rewards and celebrate it together.  

Enable work Flexibility

Allow team members mange their work life with flexible work schedules.

Respect their personal lives

This will actually do wonders, don’t make your team members work over time, realize that they too have a family life.

Understand What Motivates Your Team

Is it the compensation/incentives/appraisals/ flexibility in work time/workload/any destressing activities by wasting time together.

Stop Finger-Pointing

Because your team chemistry becomes toxic due to suspicion and everyone will start feeling insecure.

Communicate Priorities & Assignments

Let your team know what is immediate & what is important with its deadlines. Make sure that the information is communicated to each and every employee.

Adopt Democratic Work Environment

This will allow all the team members to get a clear picture of what needs to be done and keep it going.

Hope all the above points help you build a great team and accomplish any target given to you in future job prospects.

  • By E Hemachandra Prasad