Ways To Reduce Stress Before An Interview

Job interviews are tough even if you have gone through a lot of them. The high level of stress and anxiety are common before an interview. If you are attending an interview with the stress that means you are not confident enough.

To get succeed in an interview managing the stress level is very important. If you are an introvert, job interviews will really be stressful for you.

First, prepare thoroughly for an interview. The more familiar you feel the interview is the less stress you will be. Identify your relevant skills and prepare examples in which you have proved or applied those skills. It can be from academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular. And also prepare examples of how you will use those skills in the job and produce positive results.

Try to attend mock interviews or any informative interview and gain knowledge about the interview process of the company that you are going to attend. This can reduce most of your stress.

Always remind the quote “Practice makes man perfect”

The actual reason for being stressed before an interview is negative thinking or negative thoughts. Counter the negative thoughts with positive statements and quotations like

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined.”

“The future belongs to those who believe in themselves.”

Many researchers believe that imagining the picture of success can help you be positive and improve your performance. Also imagine positive results such as answering all the questions of the interviewer, getting the call letter.

Some counselors suggest doing breathing exercise and progressive muscular relaxation. These may reduce your stress level.

You can also reduce your stress by reducing the importance of the interview in your thoughts. For this try to compare the interview to something else in your past which was big and made you feel happy for achieving it. Remind yourself that this will not be your last opportunity. Think of it as one of the exciting challenges.

Listen to music or any relaxation tapes which will calm your mood as well as thoughts.

Whatever you do be kind to yourself and also remember the fact that changes cannot happen overnight.When you sit in the waiting room breathe slowly. Focus on your breathing for at least four times. Put a smile on your face and go on with the interview.

-Charana Sai

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