Ways to increase your ability to make things happen

Ways to increase your ability to make things happen

For you to improve on your ability to make things happen, you need to understand why some people are more productive than others. Procrastination – we are all familiar with the term. Some of us find ourselves procrastinating too often. What causes procrastination? On the subconscious level, our biggest fear is failure. When you are about to embark on a new task or project and have no idea what the outcome is going to be, you try and put it off. In a way, you don’t want to fail. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Here are nine tips on how you can make things happen so you can achieve your dreams for the future:

  • Every week, make a list of things you need to achieve.

This will force you to spend time thinking about your priorities and organizing them. Don’t have more than 2-3 priorities a week. Remember, you want to focus your energy into achieving those priorities. Your body releases dopamine every time you achieve your goals/priorities. This hormone motivates you to work hard so that you can achieve satisfaction through reaching that goal.

  • Create a reward system for yourself.

Once you achieve your goals, allow yourself to do something you enjoy. Watch your favorite YouTube video, eat chocolate, or go for a walk. Provide yourself with some kind of satisfaction that your brain will associate with achievement.

  • Choose your priorities.

Every day before going to bed, decide on what you are going to prioritize the next day. It has been proven that making your “To-Achieve/To-Do List” before going to bed helps your brain prepare for it.

Think of this as preparing your outfit the night before so you save time getting ready in the morning.

  • Be persistent.

If you need something from someone, remind them. Give them a clear deadline, and check in with them halfway. People tend to forget, so a reminder cannot hurt. Some people feel it is annoying, but you will have to put those feelings aside if you want to make things happen.

  • Practice self-awareness.

Become aware of the things that distract you. Make a list of things (e.g. phone, Facebook, emails, etc.) that divert your attention and avoid them when you are trying to be productive. Either keep them away in a safe place or ask someone to help you hide them until work is done.

  • Maintain laser-like focus.

Once you get your brain going on a certain issue, don’t lose focus. Losing your train of thought can delay your progress. To make things happen, you need to practice laser-like focus on the tasks at hand.

  • Make time to be helpful.

Help people when you can. Put others before yourself. Generosity can help you build a social network and provide you with valuable resources.

  • Make each second count.

Most of the people feel desperate and give up before time’s up. You can make miracles if you put your mind to it. Use every minute to achieve the goal.

Some people lack the energy needed to get productive and make things happen. This lack of energy can be caused by lifestyle, lack of sleep, or poor diet. In order to improve your hustling skills and become someone who can truly achieve their goals, you need to understand what procrastination is and equip yourself with tools and strategies needed to get down to business.

Note: We are inspired to use this content from various sources of Internet. This is for student’s learning and motivation purpose. We do not claim this to be our own.