Ways to Describe Yourself in an Interview

What an interviewer looks for while you describe yourself is your ability to explain yourself without doubt confidently and to assess what you think is important to say about yourself that is appropriate and helps you in landing your job. While it is not the hardest thing, it definitely needs to be planned out so that you can give a thoughtful answer preparedly.

Here are some interesting ways to talk about yourself in a short and quirky way.

  • Use a movie/ book quote: If you are a movie buff or a book worm, an interesting way to begin your answer is by a quote from one of your favourite films/ books. Choose a quote that inspires you and also explains the kind of person you are.

For example, with a quote like ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, you can follow it by explaining that you believe in hard work and loyalty and that you pride yourself in having established a good work ethic.

  • Narrate your experience: Most often, an interviewer tends to ask questions that test your skills in a real- life event. Therefore, you can take this opportunity to narrate a situation in which you had played a key role in developing a solution using your skills and keen judgement to calculate a right choice. Through this, you will be introducing your intellectual and problem- solving skills along with the fact that you are a confident team player.
  • Let your hobbies take the front seat: It’s been proven that people with hobbies outside their work area are more flexible and less prone to stress compared to those who do not invest in anything else.

Talk about a hobby that you think makes you stand out and your passions and how they impact and motivate you every day. Long standing passions are a sign of growth and stability. It also makes you more likeable and widens your personality factor.