Transparency/ Openness In Learning

We have stepped into an era where we get a wide range of opportunities to both younger and older generations. By means of advancements in technology, we have rapid access to various learning materials.

The barriers to access vital learning materials to improvise personal and professional attributes are none.  Where knowledge and skills are the key factors that companies make use to evaluate freshers during campus recruitments.

Our learning should neither terminate with the graduation from college nor restrict to what was taught in the college. Workplace environment comes with a cut-throat learning environment that requires us to be in parallel with the changing technologies and customer demands.

A key role in achieving success and happiness is being open to learning from every interaction and life experience. The greatest advantage of openness-to-learning is that you are in charge of it at all times.

Amplify your knowledge and wisdom outside the curricular spectrum and seek what latest things you can learn from your area of interest or the profile you want to acquire. one can commence-new projects, online courses, internships or adopt other methods to soaking knowledge and curiosity to know the unknown experiences for a better tomorrow.

  1. Dedication towards learning
  2. Exhibiting curiosity on the issue
  3. Boldly wondering about the issue
  4. Appreciating the messenger and the message delivered by him/her.
  5. Listening and comprehending others perspectives.
  6. Seeking information and samples about the issue
  7. Taking responsibility for the results that are created.
  8. Accepting with changes.
  9. Portraying authentic enthusiasm about the possibilities
  10. Executing/implementing( requests over follow-ups)

The possibilities of getting a job in your campus placements increases, if you are capable enough to demonstrate the mentioned characteristics to the companies.

The way you put yourself in the interviews, your attitude, your responses, and most importantly your resume will for sure reflect whether you have these qualities or not. Get ready to put your best foot forward.

Openness and transparency can help build or break any trust, but only if we are really open in hearing and acknowledging what others have to say and offer, we will see miracles happening around us.

Inviting and accepting critical feedback’s are significant only if we listen to new ideas, new perspectives, new approaches, and new ways of rationalizing.

Openness is seen as a fundamental value that supports societal changes and is necessary for higher education institutions aiming to promote change while being relevant for everyone.”


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