08 Technical Skills In Demand In 2019

We all know that the whole world is revolving around the internet, digital media, and its gadgets today. Every form of business is linked to the online or mobile application via the internet. So obviously, the future is surely going to be in the management of these technologies. Today, Let’s see the top 08 demanding skills in 2019.

08 Technical Skills in Demand in 2019

Artificial Intelligence

AI is nothing but a machine learning and performing certain difficult and time taking tasks easily through programmed machines in contrast to human intelligence. There are several AI concepts and languages to design machines that act as a deep intelligent agent.  

There are many online courses that teach you about the above technology right from its introduction to the master’s certificate with more than 15 specializations in it.

To get into this domain, one should have a thorough knowledge of Neutral networks, Machine Learning, and Classification modeling.

Cloud Computing

This is all about virtual data storage and computing power that can directly be controlled both at individual and at the organization level. There are certain e-concepts such as automatic and utility computing, service-oriented architecture, hardware virtualization and many more technical things that make the data allocation and access easier.

To get into this domain, one should be well versed with the knowledge of Networking, cloud computing, Advanced security, and web services for developers.

People Management

Today due to globalization and glocalization, managing people of various hierarchies has become one of the toughest jobs for corporate companies.

So, the one who can effectively plan, organize, coordinate, command, and control the organization staff and its manpower based on the nature of their work is much needed now.

This doesn’t mean they don’t have any exposure to the product and services. People management is an extra added skill for the employees well-versed in their technical domain.

Since this is a management domain, one should be well versed with managing people, motivating and engaging them toward work, solving conflicts, leading the purpose.

Analytical Reasoning

Analytical & Logical reasoning is one of the toughest tasks in all forms of jobs and learnings right now.

Skills in analytical reasoning with foreign languages can fetch you lots of jobs as a technical trainer, data scientist, AI analytics, senior research specialist and many more into the research domain.

This domain also falls into management again, where the manager has to take care of all the logical strategies and decision making for market research and executive level decision makings.

UX Design

This is something to do with designing & creating products and services that make a better user experience. This goes beyond just design and usability, such as branding, design, usability and its functioning.

As the name suggests one should be well versed with knowledge on all forms of design such as UX Design, UX Research, and Multi-Device Design.

Data Science

This is a multi-dimensional field that uses scientific methods and applications such as big data, data mining, statistics to get the structured data from the unstructured raw data.  

Data science is an ever-growing area, where all big organizations both public and private need responsible people to handle the sampled research data and to prioritize predictive tools and research paradigms.

To get the top-level jobs in this area, one should be well versed in Data Mining, Data Science, Analysis, Machine Learning, and Python.

Product Design

This is an applied design process where the designer comes up with a formal solution through the functional design to the complex problem. He/she leads the UI and UX domains throughout and also involves in the product strategies, graphic designing and web designing part.

Based on the area of expertise, it is diverse such as industrial design, web design, automobile design, and etc areas.

This is something creative where you should be well versed with Product design, User interface design, User experience, Adobe Photoshop, coral draw, Graphic Design.

Solutions Consultant

This is something to do with social media strategies, along with the coding. Industry and product knowledge is key to this role. The area also needs continuous learning to upskill the latest technologies and happenings in the industry.

To get placed into this area, one should be well versed with architecture solutions, Enterprise software, Software as a service, software development, SQL server, Cloud computing, and complete software development cycle.

So, do your research where to do you want to settle in what area for what salary and what are your life ambitions. Plan your career accordingly and be a successful person.

-E. Hemachandra Prasad