Tips to make better decisions

Do you feel stuck in any area of your life? Are you too scared to take the appropriate steps to advance your career, relationships, health, and wealth?

Do you want to start making successful choices that will continually move you in the direction of your dreams?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to assess your decision-making process. Understanding how the process works is essential to bypassing major obstacles along your path to success.

Tips to make better decisions

Go with your gut.

When you find yourself wavering between multiple options, your intuition is one of your most powerful decision-making tools. To hone in on your gut feeling, stop for a moment and don’t think about the pros and cons  simply sit in a quiet place and notice what feelings come to the surface.

Do you feel tight in the chest area? Or an open lightness in your heart? Do you feel relief? Excitement? What other physical sensations do you feel?

When making big decisions, you’ve got to tune into your inner wisdom. The best ancient advice for figuring out what you truly want is to look within.

So before making any major moves, take some time to explore that “funny” feeling. You’ve most likely had a hunch before; an inkling that steered you in the right direction? That’s your sixth sense communicating with you. Pay attention to it.

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Don’t ask other people what you should do.

You don’t have to ask people what they think. It makes it even more difficult to make a decision when you are caught up in other people’s opinions about what’s best for you.

If you ask 4 people what they think you should do, you will most likely get 4 different rants of advice. And the feedback will likely lead to confusion and second guessing.

Feel free to consult the people who will be directly affected by your decision and then confidently let everyone know what you’ve decided.