Things to Carry to an Interview

Your interview may be the first time you’d be meeting face- face with the people from your workplace. It matters that you make a good impression. Besides dressing well, being mindful of what to carry will be a huge asset.

The List

  • Resume: A resume is a one- or two-pages summary of your skills, experience and education. Though you may have submitted it online before, bringing a soft copy of the resume is appreciated. Keep at least 2 or 3 copies ready. It’s the easiest way for your interviewer to ask you relevant questions while you also get points for being fastidious.
  • Portfolio: If you have prior experience in the field of your job, bring your work and your achievements. This gives an impression that you know your value and that you are confident about your work. It also shows that you are dependable and honest. Your portfolio is yard-stick to assess your competencies.
  • Pen and a Book: You won’t need to use a pen or a book in an interview, but it’s always useful to carry them. It’s rude to write or check your mobile phone when someone is still talking to you, but if you need to note down what they are saying, writing it down is quicker way. You can also offer a pen if they need it.
  • Home work: Yes, do your homework before your interview and bring the notes along. Re- read the job offer. Re- check what information you provided. Take you identity proofs that you submitted in your application along with you. Go through the terms and conditions once more and read the company policy. Acquaint yourself a little about the company values.
  • Questions: At the end of every interview, you’ll have the freedom to ask questions to your interviewer. Make a list of the doubts you have and the details you want to know about your job role, work expectations, your salary and its increment etc.

Above all, believe in your abilities and wear your confidence on your sleeve!