These 10 Decisions Can Ruin Your Career!

Taking off a career is very important for anyone in life. But your education and important career decisions should not impact your future life, because today’s decisions of yours will have a great influence on your future life. Here are the Top 10 decisions that can ruin your career in the long term.

  • Not following Your Passion: – It is true that potential and dedicated person will excel in any company he is in. But you would show extra interest and put extra efforts if the work is also your passion. That can bring you more success in a short time compared to the non-passionate work.
  • Passion Is Not Permanent: Today you may be looking good, wants to become an actor, your hobby could be trekking and you don’t want to study. Tomorrow, you may lose your hair, become fat, meet with an accident still, you need money to lead a happy life, irrespective to your passion and hobbies. Now, your passion may not give you money.

So, despite you look good, love trekking you have passion for films, still, you cannot neglect/skip your studies.

  • Accepting A Random Job Offer: You are just out of the college, done with your education. Some random company wanted you to work for them for some xxxx salary. This will stop you from preparing for a better job, avoids your search for better opportunities. So, always think twice and be cautious before accepting a job offer.
  • Not Updating Your Skills: – Done with your engineering good, done with your post-graduation great. Have a bunch of degrees in hand awesome. Get placed in a good job, super awesome.

But not learning at the workplace is something which is very dangerous. You might have a job in hand and you are working on it for quite some time but not updating yourself in that particular designation is very dangerous to your work life.

As lots of younger crowd with new skills and techniques come to the market every year to accomplish a difficult task in that domain and if you with 5-digit salary is not updated to those new tips and techniques, your job would be in great danger. So always keep learning and updating your skills at the workplace.

  • Having A Bad Life Partner: – Getting married without completing education in the name of love or choosing a bad life partner both can be horrible for the rest of your life. Because your better half should share the pain and gain of your career and hardships of every day and night and weekend. If not, your life would be in the soup.
  • Hunting Highest Salary: – There is nothing wrong with hunting big salaries, but changing companies frequently for salary hike can actually do bad to your career.

Because once you reach a certain point in salary hike you may not get similar jobs with more salary for similar skills or you’ll end your career with it as your last company as companies are not ready to take you for other professions due to the difference of experience in the domain.

So, always plan for long term goals and skills that can take you places.

  • Getting Settled Too Early in Life: Like early marriages, getting settled too early is also problematic as the job trends are changing, the world is getting globalized. We never know what happens next week/next month. Getting married for some salary and buying a house in some city. Investing all our funds in the name of settling.
  • Forgetting Work Friends: – When you move to a new company you should not forget your old work friends. Forgetting them will leave you not informed about new jobs and vacancies in their company and also the work-related updates, this can stop your both personal & professional growth as the best references and updates come from the best friends.
  • Changing Careers Frequently: – If you are a software guy is fed up with coding, for a change you want to change your career and start making films. Here you are a new guy to this domain and you all your previous coding knowledge is not useful here and there are 1 million new things for you to learn in filmmaking. So, you should start from zero. So, only change your careers with great caution.
  • Bad At Selling Ideas: – In the sense, life is all about selling something, such as selling your passion with your parents in choosing a career, selling your skills at the interview, selling your achievements at salary hike. Sell your projects to the clients. Selling your ideas at the board meeting. So, life is a part and parcel with selling being bad at it can ruin your career in spite of you being talented.

So, be patient and cautious while taking important life-changing decisions and seek suggestions from elders and act wisely and live happily.

-E.Hemachandra Prasad