The role of Civil Engineers and their Importance

The role of Civil Engineers and their Importance

Every year several students compete with each other to grab a seat in the engineering field because of the surge in demand for engineers in almost all the sectors. Therefore, this is one reason why most of the students aspire for this field to have a secure future ahead. However, engineering is not limited to computers or software, it is rather a vast field consisting of various other domains to work in. One such field is Civil Engineering that can be seen and felt everywhere by everyone. The roads that we walk on, the highways that we drive our vehicles through or the supply of water that we receive in our homes, all of these have been gifted to us by Civil Engineers. This blog will cover what exactly the role is of a Civil Engineer and how they are significant to everyone. 

Role of Civil Engineers

Designing and Building: Civil Engineers plan and design things to work on a variety of construction projects. From designing buildings to implementing the construction for real, a civil engineer holds the responsibility of the entire procedure to make sure that everything happens according to the plan that is discussed during the initial stage. It is basically the Civil Engineer who concerns for the feasibility of the design and makes considerable changes to build the eventual structure. 

Structural Role: In structural field, the role of a Civil Engineer is mainly concerned with the construction of dams, buildings, offshores, pipelines and platforms. They are not only responsible for the complete construction of the project, but they also have to make sure the quality of functionality and safety of the project that they work on. 

Transportation Role: All those broad roads, well structured canals, beautiful airports that you see in your daily life, all of these have been designed and built by Civil Engineers. Apart from all other fields, this is one field that holds importance in Civil Engineering branch. We can say that Civil Engineers build the world we live in. 

Environmental Role: From managing water supply networks and drainage to constructing food barriers, the Environmental Civil Engineer plays a vital role to take care of all these segments. 

Significance of Civil Engineers

Assessment of Construction Site: The work of a Civil Engineer starts with the assessment of the construction site where the construction has to be built. After a complete study, they consider various points such as impact on nature and its surrounding environment. 

Construction Plan: The construction begins in the mind way before the construction actually gets started. This is the most important stage as this will facilitate the smooth flow of the actual work when it will get implemented. 

Brainstorming on Budgets: The credibility of a civil engineer lies in this segment where he has to make sure that the entire projects gets accomplished within the prescribed budget that was discussed beforehand. On the other hand, if the budget has not been pre sanctioned, then it is the duty of the Civil Engineer to make sure that everything, starting with accounting for raw materials to estimating labour and equipments cost, everything is being planned efficiently. 

Overseeing the Construction: This is where we can say that the significance of a Civil Engineer actually gets realized as he has to be there all the time to supervise and make sure that the construction is done just like the way it had been planned. 

Therefore, it is well understood that without Civil engineers, the smooth functioning of the society will actually get hampered as there will be a lot of resistance in our day to day lives that usually get ignored by us because of their services. And this is where we realize how significant Civil Engineers are in the society. 

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