The Mirror Technique For Building Self-Confidence

One of the major skills required for a candidate to get selected in the interview is self-confidence. This is not just a personal skill but a good tool to make you a leader. A person with self-confidence will always be a front runner in finding solutions for any problem, they can save the organization from any sort of troubles.

Now, let’s see how to build self-confidence through a scientific technique.

The Mirror Technique

The mirror technique is a confidence-building exercise that lets you use your sub-conscious brain to feel confident and steady in no time.

How to implement this technique?

Basically, a person can implement this technique twice a day, one right after he wakes up and the other right before he goes to bed. It is also suggested that a person can start implementing this technique once a day if he/she finds no time or comfortable that way.

How does this technique work?

You would be over-enthusiastic if you think of learning it on the first day itself. So, start with a one minute talk, briefing about yourself. This could be any information about you.

Slowly start adding something more to your introduction such as goals and targets.  Add only positive things; never include a negative word in your practice.

Precisely speaking, our mind starts to implement something that we speak or think in the early hours of the day. These hours are crucial that it can impact the journey of the entire day (that can be positive/negative).

So to build your self-confidence, you should only practice something positive.

How To Introspect?

Make a self video with your mobile phone on the first day. Make sure you will not look into the camera. Implement the technique and follow the process for 2 to 3 weeks and then try recording your video on the last day too.

After the second video is done, compare both the videos one after the other.

You’ll definitely feel something great about your growth.

-Sandeep Kaja