The Challenges in Freelance that No One Talks About

As a freelancer, I positively assert that I like my work. I like the fact that I can work at the freedom of my time, and choose approaches that are not rule- bound or limit my activity. Because I work from home, there is barely any speculation of my job, and I choose the methods in which I want to conduct my job. I am also free from the judgement towards my unconventional workstyle, which exponentially decreases my occupational stress. However, the setbacks in freelancing is something not a lot of people are aware of. Here are a few challenges that go hand-in-hand with the perks of freelancing, and a few helpful suggestions on how to deal with the matters.

  • Self- dependence not just independence- Freelancing means working away from the office, hence, being absolutely cut- off from any company other than the direct individuals assigned to take care of your work. This means that for any kind of advice or guidance, you have very less people to approach for help and you probably have to figure out some things that you don’t understand by yourself, mostly.

What You Can Do- In- case of any doubt regarding your work, always question before you proceed, and stay in touch with the ones assigned to help you with your job, through more than one medium of communication. It is also always better to obtain an emergency or an alternative contact so that you are sure to get help.

  • Free from the office perks too, not just the commotion- One of the major advantages of freelancing is that you are not bound by the office rules and protocols, and free from all the office distractions. However, it also means that you do not get to know and to be a part of many office incentives and perks that employees working full- time at the office do.

What You Can Do- First of all, remember why you wanted freelancing. Be happy for the benefits you are receiving on your end. However, you can choose to be flexible with your work- space by juggling between home and office from time to time. Since you are very much a part of the company, drop down once or twice a month and keep yourself updated with the incentives and progress of the company. If you find yourself interested and inclined towards any fresh projects, you will have control and ease in networking and navigating too.

  • Freedom at the expense of FOMO- Work as a freelancer does not usually include being friends with the people at the office. This frequently drives you to wonder the kind of inter- personal relationships that the workers share at the office and it might even lead to the fear that you might not be able to develop such friendships and rapport.

What You Can Do- Wanting to be a part of the work culture is quite natural, so there is nothing unusual about it. Having said that, since you do get your free time anyway. Try to keep in touch with the few people that you are in contact with at all times. If it really means a lot to you, you can always drop down at the office and meet people and learn the work culture, provided that you deliver your duties for the day and not disrupt the activities at the office. This will develop a sense of belonging in you and the people you meet as well, so that you will likely be updated with the going-ons in the office and you can drive away your FOMO.

  • Lack of Morale- Freelancers are the people who work because they are skilled at their job and they love their work, well, at least the majority of them do. However, being detached from a bustling work environment where you are not surrounded by people who are dedicated honestly to their jobs for the company, means there is no real driving force to keep you job or excel at your work which makes it difficult to keep the best interests of the company in mind while working.

What You Can Do- The only motivation that will keep you going is your will. You need to remember that you are working because you are passionate about your work. You might be detached from the company premises, but you are always welcomed to think ahead and beyond you job description. Remember that in order to thrive, you should be wanting to, not just pushed to.

Freelancing is still a growing concept in India, to which, fortunately, a lot of start- ups and companies are increasingly opening doors to. Grab your opportunities, and know that your work matters. Work with the confidence that you can face any challenge your way, and be open to learning new things and focusing on upping your skill game.