Ten Tips For Your Effective First Day At Office

It’s a human tendency for any office employee to gossip/enquire/evaluate the new joinee of any designation in an office, especially in India.

These instant assumptions can turn into a long-term perception of that person in that company, that can be either good/bad to the employee.

Here are the top 10 tips to leave a good impression on your first day at work.

1. Go Early and Leave Late

Going early to the office on your first day will definitely leave a positive sign for you to analyze various things about the new office.

You’ll know how punctual are the other office employees and how many are coming late, how organized are they, how are they managing their lunch, what is their interpersonal relationships and other things.

Also leaving late will help you know how people are leaving in time/working for later hours for what reasons.

2. Dress Professionally

Whether you like to wear it or not, people will judge you based on your looks. This will also leave an impression based on your attire.

If your dress code is very informal, people may form a different opinion about you as relaxed, not so serious about the job or some other jovial type. This will also decide employees talk to you or not.

3. Show up the positive attitude

Stay cool and pleasant, introduce yourself to others, be enthusiastic with a smiley face. Make friends with everyone that you come across with. Try to know their roles and responsibilities. So, leaving a positive impression is very important for you on your first day.

4. Ask for help & Offer help

It’s tempting to want to prove your competence in the first days on the job. But no matter how skilled and knowledgeable you are, you won’t have all the answers.

Rather than complete a job incorrectly, ask your co-workers and colleagues for help when you need it. No one expects you to know everything, and asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness!

5. Take an Initiative

It’s common for people to go without noticing, you take the initiative to go and meet them. Introduce yourself to them and don’t sit quietly to the corner go and ask for your roles and responsibilities with the concerned person.

6. Don’t discuss your personal life

People don’t want about your debts, family problems, love affairs, personal businesses or other responsibilities. Keep your personal information to yourself and stop wasting the company’s time with your personal nonsense.

7. Don’t forget to socialize

Go out with a team, join them for lunch, join them for a cup of tea/ coffee in a break time. This is the best way to know much about the employee’s behavior and their internal gossiping’s and other internal relationships.

These meetings help you build a faster rapport with the colleagues, it is also the time to join a team and start building it.

8. Avoid discussing office politics and internal gossiping’s

Stay away from all sorts of rumoring and debates about in the office premises avoid associating with those people who are fuelling such discussions.

Don’t laugh to entertain any kind of negative discussion of gossiping at the workplace.

9. Stay out of attention grabbing

It might be very tempting for you to get others attention with your walk and talk in the office premises but it will only leave a negative impression about you on your first day.

Always stay quiet and keep calm within the office premises. Show them that you are focussed and you are serious about your roles and responsibilities.

Ask questions related to the office work, try to help your seniors in your possible ways. Be open to help and ready to take their suggestions and share the subject knowledge.

10. Thank them often.

You’ll only leave a positive impression when you are kind and loyal to them. Thanking them often will only leave a polite impression of you. Only then they also would be interested in helping you.

Thank everyone those helped you learn something about the office work and make it a policy from now on…

As the saying goes ‘first impression is the best impression’

A good impression leads to your career growth whereas a bad impression leads you to the opposite.

Hope the above tips help you leave a positive lasting impression in your organization and help you grow with each passing day.