“Coming together is beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success – Henry Ford.”

Team spirit is the feeling of pride and loyalty that exists among the members of a team and that makes them what their team want to do well and to be their best.

Team spirit is the catalyst every organization needs to achieve outstanding results.

When people get together for achieving a common goal and with a common attitude at work that is called a team spirit.

*Team spirit is the willingness to cooperate to the team.

*Team spirit makes the members more focused and want the group to succeed.

*Team spirit helps to get the desired results in the given time than the individual fight.

Investing in people, taking steps to enhance their commitment to the organization, building teams – these are some of the sure shot ways to achieve success in any organization.

Here Are Some Effective Measures That An Organization Can Take For Building The Team Spirit.

1.Be Honest – Being honest is very important quality in building team spirit.

Keeping secrets inhibits staff from giving their best.

Employees who know what’s going on are more likely to share their vision and care about making it happen.

2. Define Your Strategic Plan – Employees need a road map to know where they’re going, why it’s vital to create a strategic plan that everyone approves and understands. -Creating a consistent framework makes it less likely that employees will go their own way, which only breeds chaos, and erodes morale.

3. Get Everyone Involved – Collaborative decision making is a key element in team building. Employees are unlikely to feel invested in ideas that don’t involve them. Instead of remaining spectators in making major decisions, when employees become participants, it significantly raises the team spirit.

4. Recognize Extra Effort – Whether you admit or not, employees crave recognition for what they do. Employees can receive a form of “extra credit” for their participation, which is voluntary, during their annual evaluation.

5. Reorganizing the workforce into teams is not easy but when successfully developed, team working has been shown to be a way of improving competitiveness and at the same time enhancing the quality of working life for employees.

Siri Reddy