Take Care: Recruiters are reading your Social Media Profiles!

Today everything is open to the world, your biodata, social profile, public comments or social behavior on the internet, your fake profiles, online abuses, memes, trolls…everything can be traced and that might also disqualify you from your job.

Hiring managers are looking at your social profiles to evaluate your personal behavior.

If you put your profile in a private mode, still they think that you have something secret being shared only to your community/family & friends but not to the world. Recruiters look at your social media profile for various reasons, let us see a few…

05 Reasons Why Recruiters Look Into Your Social Media Profiles!

Cross Verification

Nobody knows what you wrote in your Resume/Cv is true? Few people lie about their age, degrees, native place and parent’s occupation, just to cross verify your basic details, recruiters might cross-check your social media profiles.

Some times they cross-check your linked profile for your education, previous experiences and people you are in friends with and pages you liked.

There are people who come with fake certificates and degrees so, your social profiles act as an important verification tool for them for all sorts of cross-checking your educational details. If possible they’ll even verify with university sites searching your roll numbers.

So, make sure your resume carries the same professional experiences and educational details as your LinkedIn profile holds.

Social Behaviour

Make sure you have no information about drugs/alcohol/wild parties pics/selfies/ references. Your profile should also be free from all sorts of racial aggressiveness such as religious, caste, color, region and other forms of extremism.

Your comments and posts tell the kind of person you are and your interests and the belief system.

Communication skills

It is said that your communication skill in blog posts, tags and comments will be referred for your sentence framing, spelling errors and other communicating skills if you are applying for jobs like BPO/KPO/Content Development.

Hobbies & Interests

Your social profile describes the kind of person you are in short. Most of your postings/subjects suggest that you are interested in a particular area but mentioned something else in your resume. So, your Instagram & Facebook profile should also reflect your resume to a certain extent.

They might see your conversations and profiles to evaluate your resume and what you portrayed about you in the interview.

Personal Branding

This is something applicable to marketing & journalist people where the hr managers of MNC’s look for a powerful self-branding people, such as how good you are in branding yourselves, though many are following your profile such as your selfies, thought-provoking posts, followers, comments, likes, and shares.

So, take care about what you share on to your social media profiles, try to create positive vibe through your profiles and remove all controversial stuff immediately out there and take care about your future postings from now.

  • E. Hemachandra Prasad