Strategies that Prepare you Better for a Job Interview

Usually, job interviews are scheduled at least a week after your first phone interview or your application. In the time that you have, here’s a better way to get ready for your big day:

  • A Mock Interview

Remember the oral exams you had in school? How before a debate or a declamation, you practiced for hours in front of your teachers and friends? Think of the interview in the exact same way. You can write down the points that you want to say and exactly how you want to say it, but at the actual time when you have to speak, the words do not come out in the way you desire.

Practice in the same old way. Gather few friends or family or ask a teacher to help you with your communication. As you practice and recite multiple times, you’ll know what sounds good and what doesn’t, and what information you should include and what you shouldn’t while simultaneously improving the clarity and he fluency of your speech.

  • Design Your Answers

You cannot estimate how exactly the interview will pass. But depending on the job you are applying for, go through your work experience and make a list of all the skills that you mentioned. Your hiring official will try to test the credibility of the facts that you presented on your resume. Think of the possible ways you can be questioned about it. The smartest way to prepare for it is by using the ‘SPAM’ method.

S- Skills: The work. Eg: Excel

P- Purpose: Why do you need excel?

M- Method: How do you use excel to solve a particular problem?

A- Answer: Combine the above three to give a fluid solution

  • The Introduction

The ‘tell me about yourself’ question is an incredible opportunity to display your communication skills, to talk about your work and your talents. This is a question where only you speak, so practice so that you keep it under 2 minutes. Speak fluently and only include the necessary information. For example, if you want to talk about your ambitions/ future goals, avoid information about possible obstructions. Instead, you would be more impressive if you told them how you think this job can facilitate your ambitions and hence, you would invest your best efforts into it.

Once again go through your education and speak about an extra skill that you mentioned in your resume, so that you can even start a conversation about it. This manner of speaking appeals a person and makes you more likeable.

  • Stay Healthy

The final and most important element is that you take care of your health and eat well and sleep well. Rest is as important to the preparation as the material itself. Exercise a bit and read newspaper lightly before 2-3 days of the interview. It will make you a little woke and exercise helps you to stay alert and reduces nervousness.