Step by Step Guide for Engineering Students on how to Prepare for Campus Placements?

Step by Step Guide for Engineering Students on how to Prepare for Campus Placements?

When it is about preparing for campus placement at the engineering students usually get confused about how to prepare well for it. When the campus placement season approaches it gives students sleepless nights. Thus to make it easier for them, below is a step by step guide for all engineering students on how to prepare for campus placements efficiently.

  1. Build up skills for aptitude test: Aptitude tests are mainly conducted to observe the real potential in applicants through standard performance across many diverse sectors. It is one of the first steps being conducted for the elimination of candidates aspiring for the job. The aptitude test and skill assessment exercises include logical reasoning, communication skills, quantitative ability and subject knowledge.

In order to build one’s skill for aptitude test one should follow the below mentioned aspects:

– Gathering opinions: Talking with experienced people or with seniors of technical colleges who have gone through such ways to clear the campus placement cell by evaluating various mock tests helps a lot in clearing doubts. Companies generally look for distinction in demanding traits that mainly include soft skills like learning ability.

– Practice as much as possible: It’s very important to practice thoroughly and concentrate on subjects that you feel are important. Try to solve as many practice sheets, sample papers, online tests in order to get an idea of how the final test may look like.

– Focus on principal subjects: Focusing on your main subject helps a lot as various companies give weightage to the same. An individual’s capability in his/her core subject stays at the centre of their chances to make it up to the next round.

– Getting feedback is necessary: A lot of practice tests and papers give the candidates  the right feedback that helps them to improve on their skills. The candidates should go take notes and work on the given feedback accordingly which later helps in processing the answers accordingly.

  1. Prepare yourself for Group Discussion: Group discussions are generally conducted to observe the candidate and how he/she responds towards the question being put up in the group. Following aspects must be considered to prepare oneself for a group discussion.
  • Improve your communication skills: Students graduating from top engineering colleges in Dehradun should really work on improving his/her communication skills in order to speak well during the group discussion. The companies mainly look out for those individuals who have good combination skills.
  • Clarity of thoughts: Working on one’s thought process along with a result based concept approach helps in putting out clear answers during the group discussion.
  1. Practice meticulously for job interview: After clearing out the aptitude test and group discussion, it is time for the main interview round wherein the candidate is asked a question about the job position he/she has applied for. In order to prepare for the same one needs to start with practising to clear his/her thoughts. Always lookout for some interview tips which can help in clearing the doubts. Job interviews are generally conducted by 2 or 3 interviewers in a campus placement cell at engg college in Uttarakhand who ask questions on a broader spectrum and not just about the core subject. Thus, it is advisable to grab your hands on some useful interview preparation tips to do well in your job interview. Also avoid making silly mistakes related to body language, personal presentation etc.
  1. Prepare well for the technical round: This round tests the knowledge about the core subject of the candidate This round mainly tests the individual’s language and coding skills and what one would precisely fetch to the job at hand. To perform well in this round, we suggest you research well and look out for various sources online wherein you can check interview experiences with the company. Practicing on various coding challenges allows an individual to solve out the questions proficiently.
  1. HR Interview Round: The HR interview round is conducted to check the confidence level in the candidate. One must prepare well for this round in order to motivate the interviewers that you are the perfect fit for this job.

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