Some Tough Challenges in Decision-Making

When you are to take major choices in life with regard to your education, career or career break etc., a lot of factors contribute to the making of that decision. These decisions are not simple. They are the kind that could change your lifestyle or give you a new perspective in life. Having said that, these sorts of choices are often difficult because you’d have to tread on the path you’ve never been before. The following are a few factors that affect your decision- making and tips on how to deal with them.

  1. Suddenness

Many a time, you face the need to make decisions suddenly and it can be a very overwhelming feeling.

What You Can Do

When you find yourself in such a situation, slow down. First of all, even when you need to make a simple choice like choosing a flavour of ice cream, your fight or flight responses get activated if you are unsure about what to choose. So, understand that making decisions is difficult. Take your time. Finish your urgent works, and then think with a clear mind. This will benefit you a lot because you will be driven by reason with a calm mind and not impulse or mere instinct.

  1. Approach- Approach Conflict

This is the situation where you find yourself incapable of choosing between two or more equally appealing choices. This situation usually arises because you feel you are good at both, or both have an equally lucrative future or both choices are unfamiliar to you but you wouldn’t mind taking a chance at either.

What You Can Do

Insufficient information is one of the reasons why you’d be struck in such a dilemma. In this case, start doing your research about all your alternatives. Check which one is closer to your ambitions and needs currently. Evaluate the risks and also look for information that will help you get back up despite the risks if you are really drawn to one of the options. Decisions should always be taken with complete information at hand. Talk to people in that and communicate your worries and goals across, and clear all your inhibitions before moving forward. Eventually, you will either find one of the options to get on with or find a way to include both, whichever works the best for you.

  1. Support System

The most common reason why a lot of people cannot make decisions that gratify them or are the right decisions for them is because they probably don’t have a good support system in their lives.

What You Can Do

A lack of good support system does not mean a complete lack of one. It can be your family, or friends or your colleagues at work etc. If you find that you are not getting proper advice or the kind of help that you need from your existing support system, reach out and talk to more people who belong to the field and people who you think can give proper guidance to you. Try to read books, and communicate your stakes and desires to them. It can be a disappointing feeling when people don’t choose to believe in you, but understand that sometimes you can’t change them and if what you want is what you can get, go ahead with your decisions and invest your best efforts into what you’ve chosen.

Whatever choice you make, be integral in the method you employ and be reasonable with your priorities. Trust yourself and ask for help if you need to, but always look forward towards growth with a constant motive to be happy.