Slow, imperfect progress is better than none at all

Slow, imperfect progress is better than none at all

In this entire universe no one is born perfect. We gradually earn perfection through experience and practice. Are you a slow learner? Don’t worry; slow development is better than none! Keep reading this article to know why slow, imperfect progress is good. Let’s begin!

Jami Gold once said that “Slow progress is better than No Progress”. If you’re not perfect, your imperfections will make it better someday. Just calm yourself and keep focus on your goals.

There are some reasons why slow progress is better than no progress!

  • Don’t think slow learning is a failure. Sometimes you can complete one task very quickly without understanding the basic concept. But if you complete the work slowly and learn the overall concept, it will be more productive and helpful for you!
  • People started doing competition with others and became stressed due to their slow progress. At the end they find out the only option that is ‘Giving Up’. Remember one thing slow progress means doing no mistakes. Take your time and stay positive!
  • You’ll experience many new things if you’re a slow learner. Did you know the story of Tortoise? Though the tortoise is moving slowly but was dedicated in completing the change and later he won. You can also learn how to control yourself in difficult situations. Just keep strong dedication and passion to complete something in a fruitful manner!

 Slow progress is good but imperfections are not OK. Your perfection will bring a successful and happy life in the near future.

How to be perfect to remove Imperfections?

Avoid disturbances and don’t get distracted or interrupted by something. Stay focused and motivated. Dedication and motivation is the two important things you need to replace imperfections. Complete your task always. Not only task don’t leave anything half done. Get the experience from your previous mistake. Practicing good habits and maintaining hygiene will give you a perfect life. Take at 8 hour sleep because to be a perfect human being your mental and physical health is important. Don’t let your imperfections expressed through your reaction. Always smile, be confident. Take professional guidance to improve your imperfections. Don’t invest time in doing competition with others. Utilize your time by learning something new. Try to keep patience while someone is teasing you and without giving up show them your perfect life!

Embrace your Slow Progress by these Inspiring Things:

Accept your failure and try to embrace it. If someone passes any harsh or negative comments welcome it because you cannot control what people think and say about you. These comments will challenge you more to show them your progress. So embrace negative feedbacks. Encourage your slow progress because no matter how slow you are but you’re doing it by experiencing a lot of things. It is much better than giving up! Encourage and embrace your goal of success. No matter how slowly you’re progressing but one day you’ll achieve what you want right now. Accept other people’s achievement happily. Stop comparing yourself with them. Take motivation and slowly you’ll get your success! If you accept the journey of slow progress you can find a better you than yesterday!


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