Signs that you are on the wrong life path

Signs that you are on the wrong life path

signs will let you know whether or not you are travelling down the wrong path. If you are reading this, then some part of you must already wonder if you are walking the path you meant to. Have you been asking yourself, “How do I find my true path?” Maybe you wake up every morning and just dread reliving the same day over and over? Do you drag yourself to work and wonder whether you are in the right place? Is it harder each day to convince yourself to get out of bed? Or perhaps you wonder why it matters at all?

  • Your body is trying to tell you that you are on the wrong path every way it knows how 

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? You blame this on not getting enough sleep or having enough caffeine, but deep down, you know it might be because you aren’t happy where you are in life. Increased tiredness is not the only alert system that your body uses to signal that you are on the wrong path. Has your health felt like it has been declining lately? Have you been experiencing headaches, illnesses, and stomach aches? Do you have chronic pain that your doctors can’t explain? Does it feel like you are buckling underneath the stress in your mind and focusing on the task at hand is difficult? Your physical health is another tool that your body uses to show you are on the wrong path. Our body takes the uncertainty and subconscious thoughts we have and tries to get our attention.

  • You are experiencing an insatiable need for change

I had been working at my retail management job for a few years. It was a good job with decent pay and excellent benefits. Most days, I enjoyed it, but about a year ago, something happened to me. I read an article about acedia, and I recognized some symptoms in myself Suddenly, I began to crave change, like it was my drug of choice. I wanted to lose weight, cut my hair, buy new clothes, start walking around the lake, and I wanted to write. 
I wanted to change so many things at one time, and it was too overwhelming. I didn’t realize until I started incorporating a daily practice (that promoted a healthy environment for self-reflection), and started writing, that what I genuinely wanted was to change the course of my life.

  • The concept of joy feels elusive 

What do you spend most of your day doing? Does it bring you joy? Not moments of happiness, or a sense of mediocrity, but real unadulterated pleasure? If the answer is no, then the next question to ask yourself is what brings you joy? That is where your correct path lies. I find joy in writing things that may help and inspire others. I find joy in assisting people realize their true potential. The kind of joy that brings you peace deep in your soul is the meaning of life. If you don’t know what brings you joy, then explore the opportunities around you and don’t be afraid of encountering some near misses. If you find yourself with a million reasons why you can’t do something, dig deeper and find out the real reason why you are hesitant to try.

  • You feel like everything is against you, and it was one roadblock after another

Sometimes, the universe gives up subtly and smacks you with a two by four. It feels like the more effort you put in to make something work, the more things go wrong. Chaos seem to run rampant despite your careful planning and repeated attempts to right the ship. These are all ways that the universe uses to encourage you to jump off the hamster wheel. You can only spin in circles for so long before you become dizzy and incoherent. This does not mean that good and meaningful things do not require effort and work, but in my experience, there is usually some indicator of things ‘aligning’ or feeling right. If that is missing, evaluate why!

  • Sometimes it takes a while to find your path

It is ok if you don’t find your path right away. You might even end up on some scenic roads that take you to your ultimate course the long way. The hardest thing for people is that sometimes we invest a lot of money and time on the wrong path. For example, I have a Master’s degree in leadership and management. I have no desire to work in the corporate world and manage people ever again. I could have kept going, trying to fit the round peg of my personality into the square hole that is most corporate ideologies, but I would have hated every moment.


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