Significance Of Ambition In One’s Career

At least once in our lifetime every one of us has dreamt to be an astronaut, a doctor, a painter and what, not every profession. But those ideas that we dreamt of will be forgotten as the time passed by.

Then, we’ll enter a situation where we understand that I want to be like that great man or some xyz personality, or will say ‘Nah’ that’s not my cup of tea and then we resume back to our normal life without any serious thought to it. 

Later, we’ll become like a log of wood that floats and passes along with the river. But most of us will not think that from the same piece of log we make a boat and know that we can sail to the destination that we are aiming to.

So, the main idea of this is to understand what exactly we want in one’s life and what we can do to achieve it with the utmost focus and concentration.

Then, we get lost in the fog of infinite variables, where these variables are equivalent to what we face (obstacles) in life and we’ll step back just by seeing how dense the fog is, but once we understand and have a vivid view about what lies beyond the fog, it becomes clearer to us that this is where we want to be at.

In order to know what actually we want to do and achieve in life, one should have a goal in one’s life.

Just as we all know that in many fighter jets there are only 2 people, one (first seater) who is a pilot and one (second seater) who is a navigator. Where the 2nd seater operates the radar because the pilot couldn’t keep his head in the cockpit as he is engaged with multiple enemy contacts or when the fight was close in.

Just as important as a navigator is for a pilot to give the directions and clear the sky so that the pilot can have a crystal-clear view about what, when and where to respond and which are their targets areas to get their mission accomplished. In the same manner, having an aim in one’s life makes things clearer to them.

A lot of time, we search for the route to our destination that has a bed of roses but we neglect the fact that there is no such route exists in life which is a cake walk to reach, as there are various obstacles in every route in every way of our life.

We feel completely drained, thereby losing our focus, will power, self-confidence and most importantly our vision. To be specific, it is a hurdle that life throws at us, our destiny will start to test our patience, confidence, courage, and stamina.

At this point, we should not feel low and scrutinize each step of our movement by analyzing our previous mistakes. In life, everyone sets some goals and pursues them, but every goal need not be money oriented.

Certain goals can be to serve humanity and mankind, to serve the helpless and the needy.

Hence, we shouldn’t juggle as our mind says us to…but try to take it only the righteous steps that are planned and aimed in life.

Without which it is not different from the animal and us. We should always maintain our stability between our ambition and our moral responsibilities.

It is very essential to have an ambition in life. Our aims should not only build our lives but should also help others with honesty and righteousness way of leading life.

As once said, “with great power, comes great responsibilities.” with great luxuries that you all ever want in your life, you should be ready to struggle and experience all the pain before you enjoy it. It is evident that one cannot experience life without any pain “as No pain = no gain.” So, let us set an aim with what exactly we want? Where do we want to see ourselves? And work harder to achieve it and then enjoy the fruits of our hard work.


Achyuth Raju