Self-improvement or human development is a conscious effort towards getting better both internally and externally. This happens, when there is a strong desire to go where you want to be, it helps you grow into the person that you have been longing for and allows you to excel in your life.

It depends on various factors such as healthy lifestyle, make people around you happy, thus, if you want to fulfill the goal of achieving a self-motivated life, you must also be ready to undergo various physical and emotionally challenging situations. Let’s see how it is done.

1. Manage your time effectively

Time management is the first step in self-improvement, it is important for you to balance the conflicting demands of life. You have to manage it equally give importance to both professional and personal life. To which you have to adjust your routines and behavior pattern.

When you start organizing your time in a better way, you increase your efficiency and ability to be more productive.

2. Improve your sleep patterns

When there is stress, your quality of sleep will get disturbed. Today, many sleep disorders like insomnia are having negative implications on people’s health.

Insomnia is associated with many life-threatening diseases such as cancer, chronic pain, hypertension, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and depression.

So quality Sleep is very important for resetting your body and brain functioning. There are many animals that go into hibernation for months in order to reset their bodies.

For example, Grizzly bears and polar bears go for six months in hibernation; or snails can hibernate for as many as three years!

3. Active listening

The power of listening is a highly valuable asset that builds strong relationships along with disciplining yourself. Whether you are at a party or at your workplace, you just don’t want to be heard, but to be truly listened to as well. Only then the communication is complete.

 Active listening is important habits that can even help you progress in your career.  

Pay attention to what people say and it will help you understand issues, come up with better solutions and deal with problems in a more efficient way.

4. Stay healthy

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an important step towards self-improvement. When you combine your good nutrition with physical activity you’ll develop a healthy mind.

When you know action can have a positive impact on your health, you are greatly motivated to perform it. Moreover, while doing so, you will also motivate your family and friends.

When you focus on keeping yourself healthy, you are choosing to accumulate more by playing your favorite sport and enjoying things and people around you.

 In few words, if you have a healthy lifestyle, you’ll gain energy, improve your attention span, and develop a more pleasant mood.

5. Be compassionate

When you share others sufferings, you avoid yourself from falling into the same pit apart from giving you some inner peace and happiness!

 To remain happy you have to make others’ happy is the only mantra. When you focus on serving others, you gain a positive perspective on your own problems. This way, you can work through your own feelings rather than simply live with them.

-Bhavani P K