Rapport building


Good relationships between co-workers also boosts morale, which can improve employee satisfaction and retention. So if it’s a well-known fact that happier employees are more productive employees, how does one go about facilitating this happiness? Much of it comes down to building healthy dynamics between co-workers. Here are ways to make that happen.

Spend time together outside of work.

The quickest way to inspire employees to get to know each other as real people. Outside of work, employees are more likely to “let their hair down” and bring their full selves to the table. The key here is providing team members with plenty of different options for connecting outside of work. Some might enjoy volunteering together, others might like heading to the gym for a shared sweat session, and still others might savour relaxing over a drink during Happy Hour. Of course, some employees will prefer not to spend their free time hanging out with their co-workers — and that should be okay too. Time spent together is much more likely to build positive rapport if participants actually want to be there.

Facilitate knowledge sharing.

Teams that learn together, grow together. And the odds are good that each of your team members regularly engages in learning something new. Turn this into an opportunity for team bonding by hosting regular “knowledge share” sessions in which a given team member(s) educates the group about their learnings from a recent conference or professional development opportunity or a personal hobby or skill set that might prove interesting or useful to their co-workers. As an added bonus, this kind of programming provides employees with an opportunity to better get to know each other as people, not just workers.