Qualities of a Good Mentor

Every mentor has their own way of teaching. They impart their skills very well when they are allowed to teach in the way they want to. Yet, there are still times when a teacher- student relationship is not strong due to various reasons such as difference of attitude, unwillingness to communicate classroom problems, or just the fact that the student is unable to comprehend the lectures. The cause of this kind of conflict is simple: not all teachers are good mentors.

Then how to identify a good mentor?

There are good mentors and luckily there are certain distinct qualities that account for one.

  • Interest

You’ll notice that a good teacher does not discriminate on the basis of personality, but always urges you to put your best foot forward in your assignments and encourages you to unlock your confidence. This is not because they expect miracles to happen just because they say it. It’s rather because they see the real potential in you. Hence, they take a personal interest in your strengths and weaknesses and individually try to help you out with the areas where you have trouble understanding.

  • Diplomatic

Maybe as you grow up, you’ll realise that you are not appreciated very often. However, being criticised constantly affects your work and learning process by diminishing enthusiasm. Remember that a good mentor barely patronizes. They know from experience, that there are challenges in understanding concepts sometimes. Instead of attacking by pointing out faults, they will try to help out by helping you recognise where you went wrong, and teach you how to correct your mistakes.

  • Contribution

If your mentor constantly shares their experience as an example to help you through your troubles or make you understand your subject matter better, along with sharing their skills and knowledge and make efforts to explain the subject in multiple ways for you to understand, you have got yourself a good mentor.

They value your skills, ideas, and never take them for granted. They keep you up with new opportunities, and provide meaningful and valid feedback by discussing frankly about pros and cons and supporting you for your vision.