Nothing beats punctuality when it comes to getting all your work done within the deadline. Your punctuality doesn’t just positively impact your company; it also helps you strike the perfect work-life balance. If you’re always on time, you finish early and hence remain stress-free.

If these reasons are not enough for you to be punctual, here are five more:

  1. It helps create a good first impression.

When you join a new workplace, your punctuality creates your first impression. Though no one might ever tell you directly (unless you’re perpetually late to work), people do monitor your timings. That doesn’t mean that punctuality should be practiced only at your new job. If you want to be productive (and not get fired), it’s equally important to be on time even if it’s for a job you think you’ve secured.

  1. It shows that you respect your colleagues’ time.

If you’re always on time, or early for work meetings, presentations or conferences, you tend to create a positive influence on your peers. They feel respected if you respect their time, and that helps create a positive work environment and hence an extremely productive team. Being at a managerial position makes being punctual all the more important. If you set a good example for everyone, you can maximize the team’s output.

  1. It makes people take you seriously.

Your subordinates know that if you say 9 AM, you mean 9 AM. A punctual person is more likely to be taken seriously compared to someone who is always late. If you’re a team lead, it is essential to stick to your timelines. This doesn’t only ensure that things are done in a given time-frame, it also improves the quality of the work and overall productivity.

  1. If you start early, you finish early.

Starting your day early helps you plan out your work better. Even if you’re not a morning person, you should try starting early. It gives you a chance to map out your day better, and once you’re clear about what you have to do, it becomes easy to figure out the how part.

  1. It helps you stay stress-free.

Since being punctual gives you a feeling of being in control over your day, you’re less likely to get stressed out about work. This helps maintain great work-life balance. Unlike others, you don’t sit at home worrying about the problems at your office — that’s the beauty of punctuality.

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