Preparing To Be Confident In An Interview

Challenge Bad Thoughts In You

  • Replace them with more positive thoughts that celebrate things you’re good at.
  • You can do this by writing down a list of at least three things you are good at.
  • Remember this list when you start feeling low, this will help you bring yourself back to reality.

Take care of Yourself

  • Eating well and exercising boosts endorphins, the body’s natural opiates that make you feel good inside and stimulates the needed positive mood.
  • When you exercise, you’ll get over the stress and feel better mentally. 


  • Stress plays a huge role in one’s state of mind. Reduce your bad stress by taking time by doing something you find relaxing. This can be anything from taking bath, meditation, gaming, an exercise that works.

Set The Goal

  • Take time to think about what you’d like to achieve today? Then set yourself some achievable goals for every day.
  • Work hard to achieve what you have written.
  • Keep track of your progress by jotting down all your accomplishments. This can be as simple as finishing off a piece of work
  • The trick is to not get bogged down by the list; some days you won’t manage to get it all done and that’s OK too!

Help The Needy

  • This can be your friend, family member or even a classmate who is struggling with their work or having a tough time at school.
  • You can help them what they need at such as advice or just be there to listen to his/her problem. It’s amazing to see your confidence going up when you do such selfless things – Do one such a thing a week without expecting anything in return.

Take A Different Perspective

  • Look the worse situation from different angles. Try to replace your thoughts such as ‘why should I bother?’ with ‘I won’t know unless I try’.
  • By looking at your situation with the realistic lens you’ll realize that you can actually do what you want – you just need to apply a bit more positivity!
  • By doing this every time your negative thoughts will get set to positive thoughts gradually.

Try New Things Out

  • Our brain is really good at learning new stuff and the more new stuff you learn; the better you get at learning it.
  • Everyone needs to have a creative side; music, art, dance, games, sewing, cooking, web design – all you need to do is get on to the YouTube and browse for some tutorials.
  • All the information you need will be out there – YouTube is just waiting for you to click on it.

Surround People, Who Make You Feel Good

  • Spend your time with people who appreciate and care for you. It can be a bit uncomfortable at first, but trying to distance yourself from others will make you feel bad going forward.
  • Similarly, it doesn’t matter if you’re hanging out with the most popular kid in school or the coolest person in town, as it’s really not worth hanging out with someone who makes you feel rubbish!
  • Strengthen your friendly nature and you’ll certainly feel better about things in the long run.

Accept Yourself

  • First thing: self-acceptance is the key to feel confident.
  • When people pay you compliments, simply thank them rather than commenting at them or countering them negatively.
  • Secondly: Remember that ‘nobody is perfect’, accept your ‘flaws’ or negatives in you and learn to overcome them, that’s how you improve your wisdom!

Keep Visual Reminders Of Events That Make You Feel Good

Mementos are a great way to see all the cool things you’ve been doing. How about making a ‘wall of fame’ in your bedroom with pics of you and your friends? We are living in an age where we have a camera in our pocket all the time…so we can take more n more pictures! So, capture those memorable moments and look back at them, you’ll realize how many awesome things you’ve done in a year.

-Vaishali Vuppala

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