Preparing for Placements

Preparing for Placements requires serious efforts, direction and focus. You need to have the discipline to practice again and again till you are perfect. Start your preparation as early as possible as it will help to not have to rush your preparation in the final year.

Most of the companies focus on certain qualities in an Individual Aspirant. They match those qualities of the Individuals with the Company requirements and this is how the Recruitment, Shortlisting, Selection and Job Offering process is being done.

Most of the companies have the following rounds.
1)Online Test
2) Technical and Managerial Round
3)HR round

Online Tests:-
The Online test mainly consists of 4 sections
(1)Aptitude test
(2)Verbal Reasoning
(3)Logical Reasoning
(4)Technical Tests

Aptitude test requires you to be fast and for this need to do alot of practice. Alot of Questions can be found on various websites. So, please solve the Mock tests as much as you can.

Technical and Managerial round
In the technical and Managerial round they only check how you approach the problem. Sometimes puzzles and mathematical questions can be asked and sometimes , they ask you situational questions like if you were in this situation, what would you do .

HR Round
So, in this round, be prepared for general HR interview questions, be energetic and natural. Don’t be artificial. If you are looking for a core Company job, prepare aptitude and master your core subjects . Don’t depend on others for Resume . Prepare yourself your own Resume.
The earlier you start preparing , the earlier you get a placement in a reputed company. So give mock interviews as much as you can , Stay focussed and most importantly , be patient because they will also check your patience level .

Rahul Srinivasan