Prepare Your Video Interview Like This

Hi All! If you are a student, who is in your final year of Engineering and is about to face any form of video interview through online video applications like Zoom, Skype, Messenger, Facetime or a WhatsApp video call, then this article is to help you boost your confidence and crack any type of interviews.

Nowadays most of the MNC’s are conducting a Skype interview as their final round. So, let us learn a few tips regarding these video interviews.

Firstly, as it is a video call, always choose a quiet place with a peaceful background, without any sort of disturbances for your interview.

Make sure your surroundings are clean and neat.

Don’t put any decorative items, eatables and other unnecessary things in the field (around your laptop camera). Instead, try to make it look like a study table by putting a pen stand and some books around it.

Most importantly, make sure you are sitting in a place that has proper lighting (Again no color or decorative lights).

Before starting the video call, make sure your internet speed is good and properly connected to the internet.

If there is any problem during the call, kindly ask for permission and apologize for the inconvenience caused.

As your appearance speaks a lot non-verbally, hence dress properly in a professional way. To avoid any sort of disturbances, turn off the notifications in your laptop and put your phone in meeting mode such that there will be no missed calls or messages popping in.

Tell your family and friends beforehand that you will be in a video interview for the said time to avoid any sort of confusions and disturbances.

Always LOOK AT THE CAMERA (but not into the laptop screen to have an eye-contact with the interviewer). Use gestures to look livelier. Have a decent smile on your face and maintain a proper body language while you converse with the interviewer.

Avoid long sentences and pauses (such as mmm, aww, huhhhh) during the interview. Be ready with all the important documents (soft copies) such as resume, work experience certificates, pay slips, and other important documents.

Don’t lie anything regarding your skills and qualifications just stick to your resume and be honest about it.

Use a proper professional Skype ID that has no nicknames and other liners before you start your interview.

Finally, never be late for any scheduled video interview. Being punctual to the interviews leaves a good impression of the candidate in the interviewer point of view.

                              ALL THE BEST!!!

  – Charana Pulivarthi