Points To Remember While Writing Your Resume!

Hey guys, are you a fresher? Are you about to attend an interview???

If so, then you have to read this..! Firstly, when you think of an HR round, what you mention about you in your resume is very important.

  • Your resume is the first thing, an HR learns about you. It is simply like your advertisement copy to sell your skills.
  • If your advert copy is good enough to high light your skills, then you have more chances of getting a call from the aspired company recruitment team.
  • Now, the only thing left is your performance in the face to face round.
  • So, it is very important for you, what you write in your resume.
  • First, write your permanent email ID, which should have your name followed by any special character or number. Mention only your official email ID in the resume not the time pass ones.
  • Next, mention ‘your personal mobile number’ not your parent’s/friends/siblings, etc in the resume. If any company wants to make an immediate call, it will surely make to that number mentioned in the resume. So, take care of whose number you give in the resume.
  • We all follow certain styles in writing our resume. Google the standard official resume format and follow accordingly.  Never download the same resume and edit it, but type it by yourself in a similar format.
  • Align the content to the left hand side of the page.
  • Write the headings in bold and the other content in Times New Roman font.
  • Do not over use any font style or underlining.
  • The font size of your content can be 14, 18 or 20 for side headings. Whenever you mention your education or work experience, mention it in the reverse chronological order.
  • Every time you go to a new job interview update your resume according to the company job description and never carry the same resume for all jobs all the time.
  • Never lie anything about you in your resume.
  • Try to include some of your interesting hobbies. When you write about your technical skills always have basic knowledge about that subject.
  • Have an eye on the spellings and grammar after you complete writing your resume.
  • Finally, review your resume with your parents, elders or close friends and follow all the above-mentioned tips to make sure your resume is a salable entity of your skills.

By Charana Sai