Planning a Hectic Day

Waking up in the morning and realising that you have lots of work to do, errands to manage, chores at home, exercise, catching up with people etc., can be really overwhelming. But if you begin now, you might stack up all the work for later, and probably miss out on a few things and eventually do not finish your job for the day. This is exactly why you need a plan, so that you don’t just keep worrying about getting things done, and keep delaying the actual work.

Here are a few ways to plan your day so that you feel less anxious and become more efficient.

  • Make Notes- Write a quick list of the things you should do for the day. Until you write down clearly, it will just remain a crazy mess in your head. As you make the list, you will even realise that you can accommodate another thing or two or eliminate chores that don’t need your attention for the day.

The best part that you don’t know about making a list is that it barely takes 5 minutes to write it, quicker than eating a sandwich! Since all the work is already throbbing in your brain, it becomes really easy to jot down your pending works.

  • Shuffle and Organise- The most important part of planning a to- do list is arranging the tasks in the order of their work- flow according to your daily routine. For example, if you go out every day for a walk in the morning or to buy milk, buy you pens and files that you need for the day, while coming back home. This way your routine is intact, and you are also checking a task.

This way you will realise that you can fit in lots of chores, and your time wasted will reduce drastically.

  • You know how long each work takes- The next easy step to time management is actually allotting how much you think each task requires on your to-do list. You know at which speed you work and you know how much longer it generally takes to finish each task on your list. Therefore, make an agenda, where you allot one hour or half-hour or ten minutes according to your judgement. Add extra ten minutes of time for each task to get a basic idea as to by when will your activities be actually over.
  • Get Started- Finally don’t waste time to begin your day. Take a deep breath, smile and let your day begin. Knowing that you have in mind everything that you need to do, and that you are looking forward to a fulfilling day, you will no longer feel overwhelmed!