Overcome Procrastination

The idea of trying to conquer procrastination is a little more than mere time management. It is self- management. It involves self- control, curbing curiosity very often and even detaching oneself from the freedom of doing things at one’s own pace, until one gets involved with the work one has to do. According to me, fighting the urge to procrastinate is a daily, never- ending struggle.

So, here’s few habits to learn in order to unlearn procrastination

  • Forgo and Reward

Give something that matters to you a lot and is very difficult to trade, to your parents or friends, and you can only take it back once you’ve finished your task. It can be as simple as forgoing your favourite movie or even hanging out less.

  • Begin Easy

Procrastination kicks in the most when you are closer to the situations you dread. But it’s only until you start. So, try to put your phone away for some time. If it’s the case of writing, take a book and a pen and randomly start writing whatever that comes to your mind for 15 minutes straight. The trick is that somewhere down the line in those 15 minutes, you start writing about wat you need to, because the work you are putting off is always in the back of your head. Your mind is full of ideas ready to take shape in the form off words but you need only start. This method will help you start.

  • Use Time Laps

If it took you 30 minutes to write last time, see how much more you can write in the sae 30 minutes again. The truth is you won’t be competing with yourself against time, but you will eventually not care as much about the time as you will about the way you write, the content you have been thinking about and you will notice a concentration shift towards your work.

  • Take Help

Your family and close friends will be, most probably, the ones who are aware of your habit of procrastination. Ask them to keep a check on you. It does not have to be strict or imposing. Once you begin your work, you will automatically take your own time to proceed. When you ask for help, you will have someone to fall back on. You will trust that person to remind you to do your work. Especially if it’s urgent, you will need that supervision.

Not procrastinating is not an end to your ability to challenge yourself. In fact, you will be able to summon your thoughts and channelize your ideas on command as and when you require it. If not, you can always take a break, and it will be easier to return and finish your tasks without procrastinating because you will have formed a habit of acting early and once a habit is learnt, it will be difficult to break from it.