Most Common Challenges at a Workplace That Are Least Often Addressed Part II- 5 Years Down the Line

One of the hardest questions to answer in a job interview is ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?’ If you have the job now, you probably had the right answer. However, there are still the challenges that an employee needs to constantly tackle in order to enjoy their work and become more productive.

The 4 challenges listed below are mostly experienced by everyone who has been working for at least 5 years at a job. Here’s a heads up on how to deal with them without losing hope.

  1. Company:

Over the years, it is highly likely that the friends that you made at the beginning of your job might have other plans and are planning to leave the job or trying for other opportunities. But this should not mean that you restrict your rapport or feel alone at your work place.

What you can do:

First of all, if your friends are planning to leave their job, you can still keep in touch with them and meet outside to maintain your friendship. But also, remember that maintaining good relations with everyone is very important. It not only keeps you in others’ good books, but also helps you learn a lot of information through the rapport.  This way you have different people to talk to, for different kinds of help and you will feel less alone.

  1. Routine

After working for a while, it is natural to feel that your work is stagnant and not interesting anymore. The routine schedule can cause job dissatisfaction, leaving you feeling struck. Monotony always leads to less productivity.

What you can do:

You can always approach your manager and ask for a more challenging task. Otherwise, if you feel that there’s an issue that has been overlooked which needs to be resolved, try to assess if you are capable of undertaking the responsibility to solve it. Explain to your manager that you are ready to take an initiative and works towards it. Dedicate an extra hour after your office hours for its sake. By doing this, you can keep yourself creatively fresh and learn new skills.

  1. Underappreciation

One of the most important motivation for a job is acknowledgement and appreciation. Unfortunately, sometimes even good bosses fail to notice their employees’ good work. Since recognition plays an important role in boosting morale, the lack of it might let you down.

What you can do:

If you feel underappreciated, you can always look for other job offers if your contract with the current job allows it. However, if you like your current job and want to stay back in the company, you can still try to apply for other jobs, and present your offer letters as a proof to show your value outside. This way, there are higher chances that you and your work will get noticed. You can also ask for a raise or a better job you think you can handle in the same company.

  1. Office Politics:

Very common and very prevalent in workplaces are the office politics. They are unavoidable and cause stress and worry for those who suffer from it. Such politics can be in any form, such as your co- worker stealing your ideas or spreading rumours etc.

What you can do:

When you realise that your colleague is stealing your ideas and presenting them as their own, the best possible solution for this would be to stop sharing confidential information with them, and rather have a one-on-one conversation with your superiors. In case you find yourself being bullied or targeted by any of your co- workers, share your concerns with someone you trust in your office and take it up with your manager.