Letter Writing: An Important Means of Formal Communication

Writing letters may be considered bat- fashioned in the 21st century, but it is actually a major form of official and formal communication. Formal letters are always written to serve a purpose and exchange such a kind of information that needs to be recorded.  Hence, letter writing is indispensable in the world of all occupations, and the reasons are very basic but also very vital indeed.

. Not just in business, but letter writings are also extremely functional in the life of a student. Emails are frequently used to exchange bulks of information amongst students to share notes and export large amounts of data such as documents quickly and economically, which is normally not possible through most other social networks. Applying for universities and colleges requires you to draft letters for all kinds of information. Universities also send you score cards and curriculum notices through emails. Formal letters, especially are used with teachers, mentors, acquaintances etc., with whom you share a reserved relationship, limited to your academia and other formal relationships. However, letters can also be used to convey polite exchanges and conversations.

You may draft letters to notify someone about something, or broadcast a message, or sell a product or even to professionally communicate with your colleagues. A well- written job application may land you in the job that you wanted, and immediately foster appealing impressions about you. While writing a letter, it is imperative to keep in mind that your language is appropriate and you are clearly putting forth what your intentions are. Formal letters are highly dependent on the tone with which the information is conveyed. Good business letters will help you increase your good will and build valuable friendships.