Laws Of Attraction In A Job Interview

There are some people, who have a deep subject knowledge and are well qualified for the job, who discuss for hours about projects, tools, and other stuff with the interview panel, yet they get rejected for varieties of reasons such as attitude problem, ego, arrogance, not being on the same page, overqualified, being dominant and other reasons.

Similarly, there are few other people, who just have a couple of minutes of talk with the interview panel and come-out with flying colors, they are successful in the interview. What do you think has worked with the later which didn’t happen with the former?

Before discussing the above, you might have come across some discussions about laws of attraction in a job interview, saying that the interview will be most successful with the secrets of attraction. Today let’s see what is it all about?

What actually happens in a job interview? Does this law of attraction play a major role in an interview success? Don’t we really need any talent?

For any job interview, certain professional skills are mandatory. The ability to show/ present them Infront the interviewer is also important, self-motivation is required for creating a separate personality at the workplace.

But most people think that law of attraction plays a major role in recruiting certain people in the job interview or job promotions or any typical private interviews such as campus placements, visa interviews, university/college admission interviews, and other such ones. They call it the universal principle of the law of attraction for their success. If so, what are those few traits that are working in their favor? Which is not happening with others?

After some discussion with them, it is decoded as below…They use their magical power in their appearance, with their soft skills, in their attire, in their smile, the way they use their words. They speak with confidence; they seem to be ready to rock given a chance. They do magic with their answers to every tricky question, they look calm, confident and motivated.

They show their excitement for the opportunity, they look curious to hear, they show some positive energy with each question. They make the conversation more interactive than being a Q & A. They show their deepest gratitude for inviting them for the opportunity. They use certain vocabulary such as grateful, immediately, work, team, coordinate, learn, success and some positive energy and connection with the interview panel.

They have a strong desire for work or a will to learn. They treat themselves special and they outperform all their others applying for their same job with their communication skills.

Therefore, laws of attraction are all about soft-skills that will also play a major role in a job interview. So, one should be self-motivated, confident, well aware of the job description and company, know what they are talking and how much depth is there in their talk.

So, all the above helps in getting the candidate’s interview success, which is eventually termed as Laws of attraction.

-E. Hemachandra Prasad