Law of Attraction

I have recently observed one thing and I thought this only happens with me, but I came to know that actually happens with everyone.

Let me tell you what it is??

Recently I was standing on the road and I found a red colored car attractive. Since then I was finding more number of red colored cars in the town. I told my dad, “I think red is the most trending color now.” Then from the conversation I had with my dad I got clarity that there are not many red colored cars in the town, but I was noticing all the red colored cars.

Then I started thinking and I got to know that, since I told my brain that I love red colored cars. That showed me all the red colored cars. It is in the sense whatever you think about whatever you say to your brain that starts showing the same thing. It all lies in what you say. This is being related to a philosophical term called “Law of attraction”.

Let us how can we use this simple thing to do great things.

  • Having a strong desire
  • Visualization
  • Focus
  • Believe

If we can follow all these things we can definitely make this work great. Visualization i.e., imagining that you have already achieved what you wanted to…play a major role here. This tunes your brain makes your desire of getting it stronger.

This cannot happen all of a sudden in days, it requires constant efforts and in the meantime people should not loose belief… Try this simple thing to do great things…

Reference Reading: “The Secret’

-Anjali B