Your resume is the first thing that any HR learns about you, such as what you are, where are you from, what skills and experiences you possess, your relative industry experience, your positives & negatives, age, language skills and what not everything about you.

So, your resume/CV should be properly documented such that it leaves a good impression about you even in your absence.  

The moment an hr goes through your resume from top to bottom on job portals or emails, they should feel like you are the employee they have been looking for. 

So, there are certain key areas that need to be highlighted and certain key & negative things that should be avoided in your resume based on the job and company you are applying for.

There are many resume writing assistants and paid services online to help you with the above tips. However, here we are giving certain key points to format your resume such that it becomes an effective document to sell your skills and you. Let’s see what it is…


  • Check if the Headings are consistent all through your resume or they confusing or left at certain areas?
  • Is the font type & size professional and consistent all through your resume?
  • Are important points highlighted or Put in bold in your resume?

 (Note: This doesn’t mean you put everything in bold)

  • Is the line spacing consistent all through your resume or is it clumsy here and there?
  • Do you have any underlined content in your resume? If so, please remove It.
  • Please align the bullets and paragraphs properly and see that all the bullets look-alike instead of designs and rangolis every now and then.
  • Don’t give too much information in the name of bullets.


  • Your resume should have a summary section about you or enough content in about 150 words describing what you are good at and why you need this job?
  • Don’t save all your work skills to the experience column, introduce a few in the summary section as well.  
  • Mention your experiences at an executive level rather than an entry-level professional.
  • Prioritize the work experience from your last working company to the internships from top to bottom.
  • Check if your resume has enough sections to divide your content for better readability?
  • Have you mentioned your achievements in your resume? Because this section adds some credibility to your skills.
  • Don’t give repeated facts or information in your resume, as it will lessen your impact.
  • Pack your resume with better phrases and functional work areas to be visible for job searches.
  • Avoid some banned or negative words instead replace them with better alternative words.
  • Make sure you put sufficient soft skills to portray your personality in the resume.
  • Prioritize the skills, putting the highest proficiency first.
  • Check your resume for misspelled or miss-abbreviated words.
  • Check the punctuation marks, correct usage of vowels, commas, parenthesis and for other grammatical errors.
  • Taking care of the above points, your resume will look good not only by text but also by visual appearance.

Evaluate your resume by yourself with the above points out of 100 and make sure you correct your resume to get the maximum points possible.

For various styles of resume templates, please visit your Microsoft word document -> go to new -> selects resumes and CV’s -> There are over 80 different resume templates -> select the one you liked most and follow the above points.

By E Hemachandra Prasad