Just Follow Your Passion And That Gives All

MS Dhoni, Pritish Nandy, Harsha Bhogle, Shahrukh Khan… Who are all these people?? Yes, they are a few among the successful people in their respective fields.

MS Dhoni a great cricketer, Pritish Nandy a famous Novelist, Harsha Bhogle a famous cricket commentator and  Shahrukh Khan Bollywood’s Badshah. Do you think they are into these fields which they are at present?? A Big No. 

MS Dhoni was a goalkeeper in football, Pritish Nandy was into many fields …he was a poet, painter, journalist, politician, media and television personality, animal activist, member of Rajya Sabha…

Harsha Bhogle was an engineer at the start of his career then an IIM graduate, later he worked with many sales companies and now a cricket commentator. Why had they moved away from their fields? Because they felt it was not their cup of tea.

Harsha Bhogle

As a result of multiple attempts, they have given they’ve identified what their passion is…and now they are on top.

So how do we know what our passion is??? Don’t restrict yourselves to one particular field, try to give your best in the no. of attempts right now. The work which we love, we try to give our best and feel no pain, though we work hard for It, due to our passion in it.

Let me tell you, how I’ve noticed what my passion is.  I was into various fields like martial arts, designing, electronics, coding…but out of all these, I enjoy presentations… My first speech was in my 10th standard and that was a memorable day with lot many appreciations.

I was away from it for the next 2 years and when joined in my B.Tech, I’ve got various opportunities to present myself. I used to spend late nights working on them. I had never left a single chance to express myself.

My friends say… If you have put these efforts and this sought of interest in your regular academics you might have been a topper. I don’t do that because I don’t love that.

Of course, I was able to get a good career opportunity where I can live my passion. If you can choose a job where you can live your passion, status, growth, good package…sorry, great package and a good lifestyle, all these would be a bonus for us.

Because, when you love the job you do, you’ll be a perfectionist when you come to work. So, definitely, you’ll be giving the best outputs and the biggest thing though it is hard to work you’ll never feel tired because you’ll get involved in the task.

So guys try to know what your passion is…and work on it. Just follow your passion and that gives you all you need.

– Anjali Bodduluru

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