JUST A MINUTE – How to deal with JAM sessions

For most of the job interviews , we have the most important round which is the “Just A Minute” or “JAM” . The process of cracking this round is generally like a piece of cake .

At first , a topic is to be selected , based on it we must begin our session.The first and foremost requirement for a JAM session is quick thinking. You will have to jump a cliff and develop your wings on the way down. But there’s a tried and tested strategy for acing on the spot speaking gigs:


G – Get their attention
A – Acknowledge the audience
M – Make a response to questions
E – Example to support your answer

By practicing this strategy you will be one of the best speakers.

The common mistakes that should be avoided:

Repeating the question.

Acknowledging the audience first ( Because everybody does that and you don’t stand out of the crowd).

Saying: “That’s a good question”.

Failure to make eye-contact with the audience.Being a Deer in the headlights ( Standing there clueless and acting oblivious).

Just a minute sessions are amazing for making you think on your feet.

The trick is simple keep blabbering and connecting your words. Do not think much let it flow the idea is not to have structure but a flow.Just keep talking about whatever comes to mind.

Lots of times in your life you will have to go on stage without preparation this helps in breaking that fear.
Life is unpredictable and its better to be prepared than sorry.