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Job Description:

We need complete geeks, hackers, and people who play with tons of code. We need people to dive in, right from Day 1 they’re hired. We heart people who write code and believe ‘get sh*t done’ mantra. There’s always loads to do and often half as much time. Just do what you have to do to get something done.

Link to Circular:


For Shortlisted Students (Mail & SMS has already been sent to shortlisted students) :

The aptitude test (Online) is scheduled on

Date: 24-Apr-2020 & 25 Apr-2020

Reporting time : (11:00 AM to 6:00 PM) Slot-wise

Please note that all the rounds will be elimination round and if you get selected in this aptitude test can expect interview in early next week.

The Recruitment Process will be as follows:

1. Online Assessment(s): General Aptitude (20 Minutes); Technical (Data Structures and Algorithm) (20 Minutes); Email Writing (10 Minutes)

2. Coding Assessment(s): <For Students who clear the Online Assessment(s)>

3. Online Interview (2 to 3 Rounds)

Assessment(s) will comprise of General Aptitude (20 Minutes); Technical (Data Structures and Algorithm) (20 Minutes); Email Writing (10 Minutes)

Please Note: 

1. The Assessment Test is based on Machine Learning hence, the system is judging the candidate on Each Question attempted, the time consumed in attempting every question, etc.
2. Candidate(s) will find two Timers on the Assessment Test Screen. one is the Total Test Time and the other, being the Timer associated with Each Question. That means the question has to be answered in that Time Limit else the question will be marked as Incorrect.
3. There are 5 Skips available in the beginning of the test which can increase and decrease depending upon the performance of the student during the Test.
4. There is negative marking but not fixed, the Machine depending upon the performance of the candidate based on his responses assigns a negative score for Each Wrong Attempt.
5. Candidates need to press the Submit Button after every question he/she is answering else the answer will not be recorded.
6. Since the Assessment Test is based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the assessment may not take a Full Time Limit of 20 Minute(s) to complete. The Assessment Test may close down in say, 5 minutes, based on the candidate`s performance. This means the Test is already completed, and doesn`t require any further Action(s).
7. Candidate(s) need to fill their Educational Detail(s) {Class X, Class XII or equivalent, and UG details} and their Work Experience {internship(s)}. The form will be available in the Assessment Link itself.

Job Features

Job CategoryService
Cost to Company (CTC)4.0 LPA
Key Responsibilities:Software Developer
Eligible Department and ProgramB.Tech CSE & IT - 60% throughout ( 10th, 12th/diploma & B.Tech) & MCA - 60% throughout ( 10th, 12th/diploma , Graduation & MCA), no backlog, Batch 2020
Specific Eligibility requirement (Please mention)• Your DS and Algo skills should be strong. • You should have at least done one of these on your own • Created a set of APIs in Python or DotNet or Java and hosted them on cloud • OR created kickass web-app in Angular 2+ or React and hosted them on cloud • OR developed mobiles apps in ReactNative or Flutter and deployed to stores. • Know Github including operations like PR and merge.