Summer Intern (SDE) _ Runway Program || 2024

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Posted 10 months ago
Status: Open

About the Company:  Founded in 2007, Flipkart is India’s leading E Commerce company and a tech powerhouse that’s changing the way people shop!

Job Description: The Gig: Software Engineering Flipkart is made of people who love being themselves and their independence of thoughts pave way for disruptive innovation on tech, biz and ops fronts. We are looking for engineers who are well rounded – quality conscious, product thinkers, and business cognizant and smart – not mere coders. Engineers get to significantly
amplify their impact with the scale that Flipkart operates at. The same scale also demands the engineers to produce superefficientsolutions.
What thisjob entails: Flipsters’ area of work includes advanced informationretrieval algorithms, massive scalability, elastic storage, predictive analytics, fraud detection, inventory planning,
supply chain planning, and large-scale applications that enrich the user experience, to name a few. Your Part: The Software Engineer’s core responsibilities will be to develop object-oriented models and design data structures for new software projects and implement business logic and data models with suitable class design. You will work on collaborating with peers on all elements of the development process. It requires you to follow industry coding standards and create appropriate technical documentation. Your Array: Coding / PS / DS / Algo
 Strong problem solving skills.
 Ability to work with abstractions and comprehend

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Job Features

Job Categorye-Commerce
Salary / stipend paid during training50,000 per month (INR)