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About Trilogy Innovations ( formerly known as Code Nation Innovation Labs) :We are a motley crew of coders, bursting with tenacity, ambition and talent, brought together by a common goal to create class products and killer enterprise software that deliver tremendous business value. Unconstrained by a traditional corporate structure, we carry the power to shape our own culture and mission. Making innovation happen is a full-time job for us; even a lifetime obsession for some. Every new batch of joinees at TI brings with it a fresh infusion of ideas and enthusiasm that catalyses the entire organization. Every individual shoulders the task of making TI the best innovation factory in the world. We are constantly working on meaningful projects that are interesting and challenging. The products that emerge are effective, powerful and solve some of the most pressing problems in the most elegant manner.

Job Designation : Software Development Engineer

Job Description  : Strong abstract reasoning and problem-solving skills. – Must be able to produce clean and efficient code and should have done a lot of programming/coding (any language). – Strong fundamentals in data structures and algorithms. – Must have experience in writing complex algorithms. Strong written and verbal communication skills allow the person to effectively work with team members based in India and the US.

Roles and Responsibilities: |
Software Development Engineers are expected to develop and present ideas on the next generation of solutions that will drive CodeNation Innovation Labs’s (CNIL) business in the future. Software Development Engineers immediately join Trilogy University (TU), CNIL’s power Bootcamp for fresh recruits aiming to accelerate the transformation to super problem solvers and tech professionals. Internship :- Projects: Live projects where you can see the impact of what you create in these 2 months. provides intern an opportunity to work on live projects, ideate for new product features that can exponentially solve problems – Suggest technical solutions that will help solve these problems. – Create and deliver these solutions, so that it generates immense value.

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Job Features

Job CategoryIT
Cost to Company (CTC)SDE :- 36.5 Lakh per annum Base: 30LPA +1L Joining Bonus +1L TU Graduation bonus + 2L Other Benefits + upto 2.5L base Annual Target Bonus) SDE Intern:-Stipend: Rs 150,000 per month
Training PeriodYes
Bond or Service ContractNA
Eligible Department and ProgramB.Tech/M.Tech/MCA, MS, Dual Degree- M.Tech+B.Tech, PHD.2022( Full time opportutny )For Intenrship :- 2023-B.Tech/M.Tech/MCA, MS, Dual Degree- M.Tech+B.Tech, PHD.2022