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About Gophers Labs

Gophers is one of the most trusted Golang development services providers in the world. Our large Golang development team has been successfully delivering highly complex applications using Golang.

Gophers’s Golang development team includes, Golang Architects, Golang Community Contributors and Speakers. Most of our Golang development team members are full stack and has ability to manage back end development, front end development and DevOps related tasks.

Our expert Golang team works closely with DevOps team, expert front end engineering team (Angular.js, React, Vue.js etc.) and automation testing team members. Be it micro services applications or Golang with Docker, we have done it all, many time.

Being an active member of Golang community, we are not limited ourselves till Go development services only, we also have specialized offerings around Golang application testing services, DevOps related services for Go based products and Golang training services. We are also helping companies to screen & take interview of Golang developers for their companies.

Job Designation:- Software developer

Job Description:-

  • Strong understanding of Data Structure
  • Strong understanding of Algorithms
  • Good understanding of OOPS concepts
  • Good understanding of databases

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Job Features

Job CategoryIT
Cost to Company (CTC)6 LPA (4.5 L fixed + 1.5 L Variable) After 06 Months, a fixed part of salary will be given. Variable components will be given in one shot after completion 12 months from the confirmation date means successfully completion in 18 months with the company.
Training Period06 months (During training period stipend will be 25000/-M)
Eligible Department and ProgramB.Tech-2022 batch