Medical Scribes | 2021 & 2022 Batch

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Mohali, NOIDA
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 About IDS Infotech Ltd

Twenty-five years of successful management in providing Software Solutions and Business Process Management Services

  • Established in 1989, IDS Infotech Ltd. (IDS) employs over 1200 trained and skilled professionals
  • Located across multiple locations globally (USA, Netherlands, UK, India), with over 150,000 sq.ft. of built-up area, IDS is a pioneer in providing Software solutions and Business Process Management Services to clients worldwide in various industry verticals, such as:
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  • Medical Scribe

Job Designation:- Medical Scribes

Key Responsibilities:-

  • Create and/ or update the medical charts of patients in Electronic Health Record (EHR) and thereby freeing the American physicians for focusing on what they do best-taking care of patients.
  • This profile of a Medical Scribe is expected to be a part of the American physician-patient interaction remotely and comprehend the conversation in the EHR

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Job Features

Cost to Company (CTC)20,000 per month
Perks and BenefitsIncentives of up to Rs 7000 per month
Training Period45 days
Bond or Service Contract (If Yes, give details)You have to sign a bond of 2 years.
Eligible Department and ProgramB.Pharma/ M.Pharma-2021 & 2022 Batch