Management Trainee

New Delhi
Posted 2 years ago
Status: Open

Job Description

Affiliate Account Management, Where candidate will be responsible to acquire and manage affiliates. The position need a person with strong interpersonal skills and excellent Communication Skills. This job will help candidates to learn about digital advertisement domain and so is the brilliant opportunity to grow

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Job Features

Job CategoryPerformance Marketing Company
Eligible Department and ProgramBachelor's degree of BATCH 2019 & 2020
Specific Eligibility requirement (Please mention)• Strong written and verbal communication skills. • Effective interpersonal and negotiation skills. • Effective reporting and presentation skills. • A good understanding of technology. • Fluent in English. • Strong Analytical skills. Students who are residing in Delhi and Noida should only apply
Cost to Company (CTC)2.16 LPA
Training Period3 Months probation
Bond or Service Contract (If Yes, give details)Yes (18 month Service Bond)
Salary / stipend paid during training2.16 LPA