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About QuadGen Wireless Solutions

QuadGen Wireless is a Digital Network Eng. Services Company with deep expertise in building, operating & managing high-quality, reliable, next generation Wireless, IP/MPLS, IoT, and Optical & Smart City networks. With 250+ Telecom professionals supported by partner ecosystem of 1500+ certified teams across India, QuadGen Wireless is a true Digital India Partner focused on building Smart Cities & State Fiber Grids in India.

Job Description

  • Development of OSP planning/design documentation, plans and specification assembly.
  • Person will be responsible for the Design of FTTx network architecture (Aerial & Buried) and OSP Network planning to stimulate end to end fiber connectivity, delivery, and construction to Living units (SFU’s, MDU, MTU’s etc.)
  •  Person will also be responsible for planning/Design/Drafting/scoping/Tasking/Permitting & Workprint Creation of AT&T Switched Ethernet (ASE) or Light Gig (LG) F1 F2 scope of work.
  • Role involves checking, verifying and validate the feasibility of route, address of all the Living Units (LU) under the respective Distribution Area (DA).
  • Responsible for Right of Way (RoW) & Utility Easement (UE) Verification & validation by researching the plats information from the respective state govt. website.
  •  Prepare high quality Construction Drawing (Work Prints) for planned network on BSTCAD/ARAMIS which includes Distribution area schematics, Maps and Cut-outs.
  •  Perform Tasks specific to AT&T Tools such as JMS, AOTX, MIC, LEIS, CFAS, ELP, OCALC, BSTCAD & ARAMIS.
  • Reading field surveys notes, O-Calc reports and converting the field notes into the Final Design in BSTCAD/ARAMIS.
  • Perform Excel macro tasks with regards to Fiber count assignment (Tethers) – FOB Calc, Design QC and BoM Calculator.
  • Special drawings/plant records, construction management documentation, and any other duties to ensure projects are completed successfully.
  • Ensures the integrity of the customer access network is maintained and provides support for the deployment ofaccess technologies.
  • Perform the upper-level complexity of jobs and functions within the district, focusing on Client GPON design.
  • Perform other duties as requested, directed or assigned.
  • Should be able support post design review with customer if required.

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Job Features

Job CategoryIT
Cost to Company (CTC)2.50 LPA
Training Period6 Months
Salary / stipend paid during training15000/ per month(During training period )
Bond or Service Contract (If Yes, give details)2 years of Mandated Employment agreement or bond
Eligible Department and ProgramB.Tech(ME/CIVIL)/MCA 2021 /2022 Batch